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The Jackass Test 1.0 – Classic Brain Teaser Test Hits the App Store

Alec Morgana, The App Man

By Tyler Orton – 24 Hours Vancouver / September 28, 2012

A trip to the principal’s office was Alec Morgana’s first hint he may possess some entrepreneurial spirit.

The B.C. Institute of Technology business management student recalls getting in trouble at elementary school for selling self-authored books about a haunted playground to his classmates for 50 cents each.

But Morgana’s stint in the publishing world was short-lived and he began developing social marketing tools for a Florida video-game company and creating iPhone applications by the time he was 16.

“When I started, a lot of them were just simple novelties,” he said, adding his most advanced iPhone application to date, The Jackass Test, was released just as he graduated high school in June. The game offers users timed brain-teasing quizzes to determine if someone is, in fact, a “jackass.”

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#FiveMinuteMobile: Alec Morgana

By Mack Flavelle – Tapstream Blog / May 30, 2014

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Alec Morgana and I’m the founder and CEO of Alectric Studios Inc. I started building my own apps and games at the age of 15 and had over half a million downloads by the time I finished high school. I incorporated when I became old enough to do so and just recently finished my two year business management diploma at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

What’s the most exciting app you’ve downloaded in the last month? Why?

Lately I’ve been pretty hooked playing 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip. I find the user experience and physics of the game incredibly realistic.

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Coffee with: ‘Gifted’ Ladner teen applies high-tech talent

By Philip Raphael – South Delta Leader / April 27, 2012

Career paths-sometimes you stumble across them. Other times they are a result of extensive research, trial and error. For Ladner’s Alec Morgana, 17, his came “gift-wrapped.”

That’s not to say the enterprising, Grade 12 student at Vancouver College has breezed through the choices available to him. He’s done plenty of the heavy lifting to get himself to where he is with his own small, high-tech company that develops applications for smart phones and computer tablets.

It’s just that his interest in producing them was sparked by the gift of an Apple iPod Touch a few years ago.

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